Tulip Set - 12 Piece
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Set Includes

1 Tulip Box, 2 Large Jars, 3 Medium Jars, 1 Small Jar, 2 Tubes, 2 On-The-Go pouches. Comes with a rewritable labeling marker.


100% food-grade plastic. 

Blocks out harmful UV light to keep your flower fresh. All products are made to last a very long time. 


Box: 3.5" H 10" W 7.5" D. Fits in a standard drawer.



Height Width
Small 1.8" 1.4"
Medium 2.8" 2.0"
Large 2.8" 2.4"


Usage Notes 

Box is lockable, Jars and Tubes are secure. 


Small Jar: Holds a few 🍃. For pockets and purses.

Medium Jars: Each holds a 1/8. 

Large Jars: Each holds a 1/4. 

Tubes: Each fits up to two smaller paper rolls or one large.

Discrete Compartment: Another air-tight storage area.

Odor Controlling Small Pouch: Fits 1 Tube and 1 Small Jar. Fits nicely in a small handbag or even a pocket.

Odor Controlling Medium Pouch: Fits 1 Tube and 1 Medium Jar. Fits well in a backpack or large bag.

Tulip Set - 12 Piece

Even more storage.  The 12 Piece Tulip Set includes a modular lockbox that traps odor and has sections to store 🍃, tubes, carts, batteries, a slim lighter, and other consumables or accessories. Complete with jars and tubes that are also secure and air-tight. 


Lock it up

Set your code and trust that your goods are totally secure

Silicone seal

Interior seal keeps odors fresh and contained

Secure lids

Still easy enough for adults to use

Odor controlling

From the pressurized zipper to the fabric itself

Tulip is changing the game- creating best in class storage. It's lockable, air tight and secure- everything I need and more.

The Tulip Box is a game changer. I feel so much safer and at ease in my household with lockable storage.

Tulip has taught me so much about how to be a better consumer- my product is staying WAY fresher for longer than every before in their Boxes and Jars.

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