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Meet The Artist

Robyn Blair Lazer, the Miami-based artist and CEO behind by robynblair, is renowned for blending candy with contemporary design. Her art embodies positivity, indulgence, and instant gratification, resonating with her view of 🌿 as a wellness practice. Embracing motherhood in 2022, Robyn's emphasis on self-care and safely storing adult-only gummies has intensified.

The Bloom Set

Robyn brings her Miami Collection's vibrancy to the Tulip 7 Piece Set, showcasing a limited edition design. Accompanying this are bold, signature sayings and colorful icons, transformed into a sticker set for personalizing any Tulip Set. Our collab Bloom 7 Piece Set is a modular lockbox that traps odor and has sections to store 🍃, tubes, carts, batteries, a slim lighter, and any other consumables or accessories.

The Sticker Set

Enhance your Tulip Set with our exclusive sticker pack from by robynblair. Inspired by Robyn's vibrant art, these stickers feature bold sayings and colorful candy designs. They're perfect for personalizing your set, adding a touch of joy and whimsy to your daily routine.

Celebrate life with us! @picktulip @byrobynblair

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