Tulip Storage

👀 Limited Edition Tulip x Khalifa Kush 7-Piece Set + Khalifa Kush Grinder 👀

Whether you need to preserve your goods, control its odor, or avoid a mess, Tulip's storage system is thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience.

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Technical Features

(1)Lock it up

Set your code and trust that your goods are totally secure

(2)Silicone seal

Interior seal keeps odors fresh and contained

(3)Odor controlling

From the airtight box to pressurized zipper to the fabric itself

(4)Secure lids

Still easy enough for adults to use

The streamlined design has a place for everything, even your lighters, and it locks to keep your goods safe. Needless to say, I will be preordering. —Esmé Stern, Domino Magazine

Storing your stash never looked so good. Tulip protects your most valuable assets.